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Guardian Homes


Guardian Homes: We are a small breeding program dedicated to breeding great family dogs.  Our dogs live and sleep in our house with our family.  They are involved in our daily life.  We believe that all dogs deserve to be a part of their own family so we are looking for guardian homes so we can expand our breeding program.

If you live in the Ventura County area or 45 min. driving distance from Ventura and would be interested in providing a home for a potential breeding Goldendoodle female or male puppy please contact us. 

What is a Guardian Family?

A guardian family agrees to raise, love and care for a Coastland Goldendoodle breeding dog.  In exchange for providing a home for one of our breeding dogs, the guardian family receives a high-quality dog for just a small deposit and ownership will be transferred to the guardian family when the dog is retired from breeding.  We require that the guardian family provides the dog with a nutritious diet, training, all customary vet appointments, and most importantly the love of a family.  Any vet appointments and test regarding or related to breeding will be the responsibility of Coastland Goldendoodles.  A guardian must be willing to work with us and keep the dog available for possible breeding "dates", testing, and whelping.

Dogs in our breeding program that live at guardian homes will be bred between 2 to 4 times.  Once we have decided to retire the dog after 2 to 4 breedings, we will spay/neuter the dog and sign full ownership of the dog over to you.

Requirements for being a Guardian Family: To be considered as a Guardian Home for one of our breeding dogs, we require that you live within 45 min. driving distance from Ventura.  It is necessary that you have physical fencing to provide a safe and secure environment for the Guardian dog/puppy, own your own home, and have a schedule that will allow for your dog to not be left alone for extended periods of time. All dogs and pups placed in Guardian Families must be indoor dogs, and never be left outside unattended. Guardian Families must have reliable transportation, and a willingness to bring the Guardian dog/pup to us when needed throughout the year.​​​

Please contact us for more information on how to become a Guardian Family.

We are currently looking for guardian homes for puppies.



Sheryl's Cell: (805)509-3303

We are currently looking for guardian homes for a couple puppies in our Spring 2018 litters.